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  KindActs Network Association of BC


    KindActs has a new name: KINDNESS FOUNDATION

    Coming soon... New website, program updates, new kindness initiatives... We thank you for your kindness and understanding during this transition period...

About KindActs

The KindActs Network Association of B.C. is a non-profit Society based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our mission is to inspire human connection and activate the practice of kindness locally and globally, to create a kind world one kind act at a time. In addition to participating at the provincial level, KindActs is also a member of the World Kindness Movement, a growing network of kindness organizations in 19 countries. We are now in our 11th year of service. Read our story here.

    Our Initiatives

    We will be launching new kindness tool kits in Fall 2009. Come back and visit us for exciting programs to implement in your home, workplace and school.

      Why Choose Kindness

      Far from being a luxury item, kindness is essential to our effectiveness as a society. Our society is built on a foundation of relationships, which connect individuals, families, work environments, communities, countries and our global community. From the courtroom to the battelfield, relationship lies at the heart of our challenges as well as our solutions. Read more here.



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